Thursday, March 11, 2010


These are the mixed-media/collage submissions that were published in Somerset Studio Magazine. I'm adding them so that I've got them somewhere online that is easy to access.


So, a couple of weeks ago I was playing Farmville on Facebook, yes my name is Wynna and I am an addict. Anyway, I saw an ad on the side of the page for this cool app called Camera Bag. It's a fantastic little application that allows you to quickly apply unique and interesting filters to your photographs. Here are some examples of what I did with it ...


This year's Parish School Gala has come and gone :) I donated my graphic design services for the invitation and logo design again this year. They were tri-fold invites. The right third part of the top image is the front.

Here is last year's invite below. The bottom image is the cd design for the soundtrack that was part of thespecial donor gift baskets

Thursday, May 29, 2008


I love lampwork beads and I use them often in my jewelry. There is something really magical about combining the lampwork with gemstones! Here are a couple of new pieces that I made using lampwork beads...

Thursday, May 1, 2008


One of my customers recently gave me quite the education on turquoise and the scarcity of true American turquoise available on the market. It is really important to me that I provide my customers with the real deal so since that doesn't seem to be an option I'm going to offer the next best thing. I picked up some of the most fabulous Chinese turquoise in fancy shapes with unbelievable color at the latest bead show, and it is going to blow you away!!!

Green Tablet Focal Beads
(Sold by the piece and price based on carat weight)

Carved Pumpkin Focal Beads
(Sold by the piece and price based on carat weight)

Heart Focal Bead 1

Heart Focal Bead 2

Heart Focal Bead 3

Heart Focal Bead 4

Heart Focal Bead 5

Heart Focal Bead 6

Heart Focal Bead 7

Heart Focal Bead 8

Heart Focal Bead Pair

Heart Focal Bead 9

Heart Focal Bead 10


Here is a sneak peek of some of my new bead inventory. I am still getting everything ready to list in the shop so please bear with me.

If you would like me to create a reserved listing for one or more of these beads, please send an e-mail with your request to: * This feature is for Etsy customers only so please include your Etsy username in the e-mail. Thanks :)

Blue Mystic Topaz Faceted Teardrop Briolette Pairs

Tourmaline Faceted Pear Briolette Strands

Large Mixed Rutilated Quartz Faceted Pear Briolette Strands

Moss Amethyst Faceted Pear Briolette Strands

Peruvian Opal Smooth Nugget Bead Strands (Dyed)

Rhodolite CZ Faceted Heart Briolette Strands

Sunstone Cross-Drilled Smooth Nugget Strands

Berry Garnet Faceted Ring-Cut Briolette Strands

Center-Drilled White Keishi Pearl Strands (VERY HARD TO FIND!!!)

Mexican Fire Opal Faceted Heart Briolette Strand (ONLY ONE)

Peach, Gray, and White Reflective Moonstone
Faceted Fancy Diamond Shaped Briolette Strands

Huge Pink Amethyst Faceted Pear Briolette Parcels

12mm White Round Freshwater Pearl Strands

Lemon Quartz Faceted Cube Beads

Aquamarine Faceted Teardrop Briolette Strand, Excellent Color (ONLY ONE)

AAA Gem Quality Citrine Faceted Teardrop Focal Bead

AAA Kyanite Faceted Teardrop Briolette Parcels

AAA Gem Quality Crystal Faceted Teardrop HUGE Focal Bead

Step Cut Lemon Quartz Oval Beads